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No- equipment exercise, as the name suggest exercising without using any gym equipment. All you have to do is embrace your body weight. The most important benefit of non equipment exercise is that it's cheap. You don't have to enroll yourself for gym membership or buy fancy equipment, you just have to remain focused and motivated. Benefit does not end here, no - equipment exercise is the time saver. You can do it any time and anywhere. You can modify these exercise as per your requirement. These exercise will help you in toning, strengthen your body muscles without lifting any dumbbells. By reading the full blog, you will get to know about five simple yet effective exercises you can incorporate in your daily workout routine, that require no equipment just your motivation.

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Your journey to fitness does not need to be complicated at all whether you are aiming for rapid fat loss, building muscles or just being fit in general, Doing these simple exercises with the dumbbells, you can achieve a lot of your goals.

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Dumbbells are one of the powerful equipmenst of a gym workout. With time, it has made a place in the home workout routine as well. Leg exercises are important as they strengthen our legs for better locomotion and mobility. What would be the result if we mix both of them ? Yes, you read it right. A complete workout for legs with dumbbells is an amazing idea as you can get the benefits of both the exercises and dumbbells. There are a few powerful exercises that you can inculcate in your fitness journey to make it efficient and operative.

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