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In today’s life when everyone is busy with their work, fitness is the main concern. People often don’t get time to go to gym regularly. When pandemic happened, gyms were closed, people find it difficult to workout, so they have to sweat it at home. This was the right time to embrace your body weight for working out.

So, people often ask, "do no-equipment workout really works"? And the answer is YES.  As no equipment workout are great for all fitness level as you modify as per your requirements. Body weight exercise or you can say no equipment exercise is a great way to tone, tighten and even strengthen your muscles without lifting dumbbells.

So, here we have list down some simple yet effective no equipment exercise that you can incorporate in your workout routine. All these exercise has immense number of benefits if you do it regularly.


Squats is the exercise in which you lower your hip from a standing position and and then you stand back to the original position.

How to do it

* Start by standing straight with your feet apart and toes slightly pointed out.

* Lower yourself down until your thighs are parallel with the ground

* Squat while hip moving backward

* Then came back to the original standing position.


Squat is the easiest exercise that works your leg including hip region and glutes.


Plank is a exercise in which your body should be straight (like push up) and you have to be in this position for maximum possible time

How to do it

* Place your palm on the floor under your shoulder like push up

* Tuck your toes under

* Lift your thighs and torso up

* Hold your body flat for atleast 30 seconds


This exercise focus on abdominal area and back. It helps in overall coordination and balance.


Reverse lunges is a exercise in which, you will be steeping back with one leg and your knee will touch the ground and your front knee would be upward, so your thighs would be parallel to the ground.

 How to do it

* Stand with your feet apart

* Take a long step back and bend your knees so both the knees are at 90 degree angle

* Return to the standing position by using forward leg to pull yourself back up


This exercise strengthen the thigh and hip area. This exercise improve your balance



Mountain climber is an exercise in which you are plank position and then bring each leg in turn up towards chest.

 How to do it

* Assume the plank position

* Tighten your stomach muscle and then move right knee towards right forearm

* Before taking your leg back to the plank position, bring left knee to the left forearm

* Repeat as fast as possible for 30 seconds


It’s a full body workout, you will feel the burn in your legs, forearms, shoulders, upper back and core. This is one of best cardio exercise.



This exercise involves two exercises.  Complete one push up, return to the squat position and then jump into the air while extending the arms overhead.

 How to do it

* Start in the standing position and then squat

* Then place your hands on floor and kick out your legs into push up position

* Do a single push up and then jump back to squat position

* Finally jump with your arms above your head.

* Repeat the sequence


This is a complete body workout. It builds strength and endurance.


So, these were some no equipment exercise which you can do anywhere at your own comfort. These exercises are as effective as exercise that involve equipment. All these exercises help you in toning your body and provides you with strength and endurance. This workout is cheap and time saver too. Visit nfinity.co.in to read our other blogs.

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