How to improve gut health

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How to improve gut health

In today’s medical community, the most discussed topic is about gut health. Importance of gut to our overall health is increasing its research in medical line. Various studies have shown that how gut health is linked to health of our immune system, our mood, our skin conditions and also to our mental health.

 Basically, gut health means taking care of gut microbiome. Gut microbiome is a term which specifically refers to the micro-organisms living in our intestine. A normal human body has 300-400 of different species of bacteria in their digestive system. Some of these are harmful but they are micro-organisms which is incredibly beneficial for our healthy body. So, having this wide variety of good bacteria in your gut can enhance the overall health of our immune system, our mood can lift up, our digestion will improve and it will be also beneficial for mental health.


  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Malnutrition
  • Abdominal pain
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Uncomfortable feeling or fullness after eating

 Here’s the list down of few things we can indulge in our daily routine that will improve our gut health 


Getting enough and good quality sound sleep will not only improve your mood and cognition but it has immense benefit for our gut health.

Studies shows that irregular sleep habits will disturb your gut flora, and digestive system which may increase the chances of inflammatory conditions. 

So, doctors recommend talking a sleep for atleast 7-8 hours regularly and maintaining the same schedule every day will improve the gut health.


Exercising regularly does not only help with weight loss or weight maintain, it also helps in improving gut health which helps with digestive problems like bloating or constipation. Working out increases the gut flora, that’s why athletes or person who workout regularly has more diversity of species of good bacteria. A person should walk for min 30 mins daily.



Stress level is also directly linked without gut health. If we are having a good mood, our stress is under control then our gut will be happy too. 

If you have a lot of stress your gut health will face circumstances. Managing stress is important from many aspects of health. Studies have shown that stress can disrupt the microorganisms in the intestine 

There are various stress that can negatively impact the gut health including environmental stress, psychological stress, or it can be in form sleep deprivation.

You have to include stress management techniques like meditation, breathing exercises into your life. Exercising regularly, having a proper sound sleep, proper nutritional diet can also reduce stress level



Understanding about probiotics and prebiotic especially when we are talking about gut health.

Probiotics are made of good bacteria that helps the body to keep working well and have healthy balance of bacteria in your microbiome. These good bacteria helps you fight with bad bacteria which helps in overall proper functioning of immune system. Yogurt is the best example when we talk about probiotics.

Prebiotic are plant fibres that helps healthy bacteria in gut grow.  Food which contain natural fibre such as fruit and vegetables should be consumed daily for a better gut growth. Artichokes and legumes are the most important prebiotic.



Another way to boost your gut health is to start prioritising health, whole food.  Diet full of fibre from fruits or vegetables, healthy fats, vitamins, proteins, minerals can helps you to promote health, energy and good digestion. Eating processed food, preservative food, sugar and more can decrease the overall health of gut. You can contact any dietician that can help you create diet plan that fits your lifestyle and promote overall your gut health.



  • Exercising
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Chew your food thoroughly
  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals
  • Avoid taking antibiotics unnecessarily
  • Manage stress level
  • Take probiotics
  • Drink plenty of water

These are few tips you can incorporate in your daily routine that can promote healthy gut. Maintaining a healthy gut contributes to the overall health of body whether it should be of immune system, skin or digestion.

A person just needs to adopt positive changes in their lifestyle like including prebiotic and probiotics, fibre rich diet, these little things will make you gut healthy and happy and your body started responding in a very positive manner. Exercising regularly and having sound sleep will also help in promoting good gut health. To read our more blogs related to fitness, workout, nutrition or to buy any gym equipment visit our website

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