Importance Of Lifting Weights

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Importance Of Lifting Weights



Weight lifting is for everyone whether you are a man woman, athlete, body builder, it doesn’t matter if you work in an office or a housewife.

The truth is many people are unaware about the benefits of lifting weights and they limit themselves to running on the treadmill everyday or just doing a half hour on the elliptical or stationary bike.

By reading this article, you will be aware about what lifting weight does to your body. You may be surprised by, how choosing dumbbells over treadmill would be so beneficial for you.

Here are six reasons why weight lifting is important and advantageous for you –


Importance Of Lifting Weights
  • 1.You will burn the stubborn body fat.

3 set of crunches every single day but still can’t get rid of that stubborn belly fat? Don’t worry sis we got you.

Try doing crunches while holding weights and notice the difference yourself.

Lifting weights help you increase your lean body mass (muscle weight) which means you’ll burn more calories throughout the day. Working on your muscles also means good metabolism, so isn’t it a win – win situation?

  •  2.You will become stronger.

Let’s get this out of the way, when you started reading this article you saw this coming right?

Being strong doesn’t necessarily means you have to be huge or bulky, rather it means your muscular endurance would improve which increases the overall physical strength. Lean people are strong too, the difference is they have more muscle mass than adipose tissue.


Importance Of Lifting Weights
  • 3.Your bones will become stronger.

Kind of surprising but yes lifting weights will make your bones stronger.

If you’re someone who has joint pains or family history of arthritis, start lifting weight. People who lift weights have healthy joints as compared to people of same age who don’t.

  • 4.You may live longer.

This statement is backed up by science. It has been researched that lifting weights is the ultimate hack for a longer life.

After the age of 21 your body starts losing muscle mass, hence by the time you’re 80 years old you would have lost 50% of muscle weight. Weight training reduces the release of a chemical named myostatin which is the Ageing cell and therefore increases your life span.


Importance Of Lifting Weights
  • 5.Your overall body health will improve.

Forget those medicines, if you have borderline blood pressure before starting ‘a prescription for lifetime’ journey try ‘lifting for some time’.

Resistance training reduces your risk of injury, reduces harmful cholesterol and maintains blood pressure. It improves heart function and help steer clear of any unwanted disease. I am sure by now you are actually surprised by the health benefits those dumbbells can give you.


Importance Of Lifting Weights
  • 6. You’ll be happier.

Working out is never a bad option and no one regrets after a good sweat sesh, but lifting weights just not makes you happy, it makes you happier.

Strength training releases endorphins, these are happy hormones that relive stress and fights depression. They also stimulate your brain, helping you to stay focused and full of energy.


Importance Of Lifting Weights

 I hope by now you realize the importance of weight training. It is also equally important to know the correct way of incorporating weights in your workout routine.

So what are you weighting (waiting) for? Go grab a pair of dumbbells and become the best version of yourself. Click here to buy the best deals on dumbbells.

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