Body Types- Which One Are You ?

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Body Types- Which One Are You ?

Every organism is different. All have their own body types with different mechanisms. And accordingly, the food habits and habitat variations occur. But do you know your body type ? This article will try to cover all possible aspects related to body types.


The term ‘Somatotype’ was initially used to study the classification of various types. This term refers to the various bifurcations that fall under the study of body types in human beings. Broadly, the human body is of three types:


  1. Ectomorph

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2. Mesomorph

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3. Endomorph

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After a few years of intense research and studies, it was found that not all beings fall under any of the three types. Infact, there are some subtypes as well. Let's have a look at some of these subcategories:


  1. Ecto-mesomorphs
  2. Meso-endomorphs
  3. Endo-ectomorphs


Thus, it can be said that there are 6 body types that the world possesses. Every body type is fairly different from each other. And so are their bodily needs and wants. It is very important to study body types. It gives us the knowledge of our own body. Moreover, if we want to select the right exercise type and meal prep for us, then there is nothing better than studying body types.

Study Of Body Types




  • They are the ones on which ectomorph predominates mesomorph and endomorph.
  • These individuals usually have a thin frame. 
  • Ectomorphs are the ones who can lose weight easily but find it difficult to gain it.
  • They have slim waistlines with narrow hips.
  • On the contrary, they have long limbs.
  • These people have little to no body mass in them.
  • They experience fast metabolic rate with increased body activity.




  • They are the ones on which mesomorphy predominates ectomorph and endomorph.
  • These people come in the middle, i.e., neither too bulky nor too thin.
  • Mesomorphs, by the name itself, have a medium body frame.
  • These people can gain or lose weight easily according to their diet plan and workout routine.
  • They have muscles by default.
  • They have an hourglass structure, where they have broad shoulders and hips with a slender waist.
  • They have average fat content at specific parts of the body. 




  • They are the ones on which ectomorph predominates.
  • Endomorphs usually have a large frame.
  • They can gain weight easily, but find it hard to lose it.
  • These people usually have ‘body curves’, which explain their body type.
  • People of this category have narrow shoulders and broad hips. 




  • They are the ones on which ectomorph and mesomorph both predominate endomorphy.
  • This is one of the most common body types in the world.
  • Most of the models belong to the ecto-mesomorph body type.
  • They have a broad upper body with a narrow waistline.
  • These individuals have a lean yet strong body.




  • They are the ones on which endomorph and mesomorph both predominate ectomorph.
  • This is the second most common body type of the present generation.
  • They usually have a medium to large body frame.
  • People belonging to this body type are mostly found in athletics, bodybuilding and powerlifting fields.
  • They have a bulky middle body, i.e. have a strong chest, mid-ribs and limbs.




  • They are the ones on which ectomorph and endomorph both predominate mesomorphy.
  • This body type may arise due to malnutrition and poor lifestyle and eating habits.
  • They have long arms and legs with a small body frame.

After reading this article, you can identify which body type you resemble. Once you identify which somatotype is you then you should consider the structural and metabolic challenges associated with it. Then, tailor the exercise and diet programme as per your need to overcome those hurdles.

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