Dancing: A full body workout that you will always look forward to.

Dancing: A full body workout that you will always look forward to.

We all know how fitness plays a vital role in our lives. A full body workout can really help you in hitting all those major muscles and keep you healthy in general.  Despite of all this awareness when it comes to going to the gym we all somehow manage to push it to the next day. The main reason behind this procrastination is that simple workouts seem boring to most of us and as a result we don’t get hooked to them. Now just imagine you are moving your body in sort of a rhythmic way releasing your energy and emotions with some music on, sounds fun right?

This is the literal definition of dancing. Dancing is a more amusing way of working out your whole body. It is good for your heart makes you stronger and even help with balance and coordination.

Let’s see how dancing can help you in getting that dream body:

Getting that core, you always wanted

The twisting, turning, reaching, and stretching associated with different dance movements thoroughly works all of the layers of your core, helping to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Dance forms like locking , popping and belly dancing will help you engage specific core muscles and increasing spinal flexibility too which could further promote stronger core.


Toning that upper body in a fun way

Dancing involves a wide range of movements of upper body which will help you target  even the smallest tendon toning your upper body in an amazing way. One can also use weights while the whole routine to see better results. Dances like ballet, kathak and contemporary demands good postures and steady arm motion. This will help in working your arms ,spine and neck.


Hitting those glutes to get peachy

When we are dancing we tend to use our glutes, inner thighs and hamstrings pretty seriously. Hip hop and Bollywood is the best example for this as it require all those strong hip movements which will further help you in building your glutes and hamstrings.  Even Beyoncé has admitted that all that squatting and squeezing during dancing has helped her toning her butt.


Working on the calves that we always skip

Its an established fact that dancing includes a lot of foot work. When we are running and jogging the range of motion is in one direction while when we are dancing we face a wide range of motion that help in developing stronger legs. Forms like Paso Doble, cha cha and salsa are known for their strong leg work. These dances help in toning your leg muscles and give you that muscle definition


Sweating that fat off

Dancing has proven to be most efficient way for burning calories. While dancing you end up using a lot of energy moving every body part.  A study has shown that regular dancing can help you burn calories more efficiently than running. Zumba dance has grown so much as a new fitness asset in few years and  is a brilliant way to sweat and get fit.



Precisely dancing is remedy for your every problem it will help you tone your body and burn fat, its not monotonous so there is a better chance you will stick with it resulting in moral upliftment, it will keep you happy thus promoting overall physical and mental health. So don’t just sit there, get up and get inspired from 45-year-old Shakira and dance your way towards a fit and sculpted body.

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