How To Lose Weight Without Pain: Guide For Beginners

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How To Lose Weight Without Pain: Guide For Beginners

Being healthy is really about being at a weight that is right for you. But the question is, how to lose weight without pain ? To do this effectively and safely, you need to be patient and follow a healthy and balanced diet, coupled with a programme of steady physical activity.

We all start working to stay fit but sometimes because of lack of consciousness and  guidance, we finally create health problems. We hurt ourselves because of ignorance and  carelessness.

Lose Weight Without Pain

Today let’s take a look at some precautions we need to take from a body injury. This is how to lose weight without pain.

Body parts more prone to injury

  • There are few body parts which are susceptible to injury.
  • The ankles, the knee joints, the heels, the upper and lower back, the joints of the shoulders and the  neck, the hamstrings and the hips are the most vulnerable body points for any beginner to be careful with. 

Before we get into the accessories and equipments you need to prevent injury lets begin with how can you workout safely-

  • Start with cardio - if you're someone who has never worked out it is best and safer if you start doing cardio first just to build the stamina and strength for intense workout sessions.
  • Try beginner level workout - you can watch youtube videos or hire a trainer to get all the assistance you need.
  • Slowly increase the frequency of workout - begin with 3 times a week and gradually increase it to 5. Don't exert yourself, taking breaks is very important.
  • Strength training with lighter weights- start by lifting lighter weights to build a proper form, gradually increase the weight as per your convenience.

Effective accessories that help to prevent training injuries 

  • Some workout accessories can help you enhance your workout, aid in injury recovery, and reduce the likelihood of future injuries by providing extra stability or support during those tough exercises.
  • Rules and regulations usually exist for a good reason — to keep you in the game and to avoid injuries. Rules aren't restrictions. They're designed to promote safety.
Lose Weight Without Pain

Things to remember :

  • Sports shoes are mandatory accessories because someone should not exercise in flat shoes or sandals.  Shoes need to have a good pillow, not a thin base. Your sports shoes must have a soft but flexible base. 
  • The knee cover support is an optional option of accessories to keep the knees from undue pressure  while exercising. People who have had previous injuries should use a support  pair of the knee cover to protect the joints.
  • The ankle support is another important accessory to use. For that you should buy a  good quality ankle support pair. These are really useful, but keep in mind that you buy lighter so they  can fit in your shoes. 
  • The heel support is optional, but it must be for you if you suffer from pain in the heel due to  any reason.If you have pain in your heels, Use an ice pack to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. 
  • A gym belt is for those fitness enthusiasts who have low back pain. It helps prevent back problems  like sliding discs. Do not buy heavy belts because a lighter gym belt is easy to transport and adjustable. 
Lose Weight Without Pain

The above-mentioned points were on how to lose weight without pain. I hope you like some of these equipments and will not forget to use it to avoid injury when you start your training plan.

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