5 Examples Of Workout With Dumbbells

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5 Examples Of Workout With Dumbbells

Looking to get fit in 2020? That's the basic goal for each workout beginner.

A word that comes up almost all the time when talking about fitness is Dumbbell. Most beginners are not aware of good and muscle building workout with dumbbells.

Before you start your workout, make sure you're all warmed up and that your heart rate is also in the right zone: roughly 50-55% of your max heart rate.

Now, let us check out few easy workout with dumbbells .


 It is called the king of lifts for improving balance and posture, toning bum, building thigh muscles.

Workout With Dumbbells


 Our body naturally tries to help out the main muscle group activated by the exercise by involving any other muscles that can help the main one, in order to avoid muscle fatigue. Bicep curls are one of those few exercises, toning the arms and building big arms.

Workout With Dumbbells

3. Shoulder Press

It’s important to have strong shoulders and this popular dumbbell exercise abides. While the shoulder press focuses primarily on two portions with it a wealth of other muscles.

Workout With Dumbbells

4. Reverse Lunge

Reverse lunge target the glutes, legs and abdominal muscles. Focusing on one limb at a time helps build single-leg strength, as well as overall balance, stability and coordination

Workout With Dumbbells

5. Dumbbell Swing

Last but not the least, this is one of the powerful examples of workout with dumbbells. As a compound movement, the dumbbell swing activates several major muscle groups including the chest, trapezius, shoulders, and abdominals n many other muscles. By targeting all of these muscles and varying the weight and tempo, this makes it an effective way to boost strength, endurance, power, and speed.

Workout With Dumbbells


Be sure to let your muscles rest between workouts. A full day between dumbbell workouts gives your body time to recover—so working out two to three days per week is great!

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