What Are Dumbbells Made Of ?

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What Are Dumbbells Made Of ?

One of the staples of new year is setting fitness goal for yourself. Gyms always get more crowded on the first january. One of the best way to enhance your fitness journey is to incorporate weights in your workout routine. The easiest way to start incorporating weights in your workout is by using dumbbells. But have you ever wondered how dumbbells are made? What is the process that get them from factory to gym?

Many might come to an answer that dumbbells are made of iron or steel, some might have different opinion with dumbbells made of plastic or rubber coating, eventually ending up with no perfect conclusion. 

Dumbbells have slowly become popular fitness equipment for fitness enthusiasts across the world, but few people realize just how much they vary with regard to comfort, function and durability.

Many people will choose a dumbbell based on aesthetics or price but it would be wise to make a decision based on considering what is best for your exercises. Each of these dumbbell materials exposes its own benefits.

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There are many different options on the market when it comes to dumbbells. In this blog, we will explore different dumbbell materials so that you have a clearer view of choosing the right dumbbell for your exercises.

The basic process of making dumbbells invlove:

  • Dumbbells are made of various materials, the most common of which include cast iron and stainless steel. But for cast iron dumbbells, the first step in the process is designing and creating patterns for the dumbbells.
  • They usually have some standard shapes, but the design and pattern making process involves creating a computer version of the weight, where the measurement is accurate and the internal weight will be distributed evenly.
  • The next step is the forming process, usually green sand casting of cast iron dumbbells. It is green sand, which is naturally bound green sand. The sand is loaded into the sand box, pressing the model into it, then removing the model, and the mold cavity is ready.
  • The cast iron is poured into the cavity of the sand mold, and then it takes 68 hours to cool. The final steps include polishing and checking the dumbbells for flaws such as cracks, holes, and improper weight.

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The 3 materials used to make dumbbells are listed below:

Cast iron dumbbells

  • Cast iron is the oldest and most traditional dumbbell material. They have different weight sizes, from 1 kg to 45 kg.
  • Cast iron materials are commonly used to make built-in dumbbells (fixed weight) and adjustable weight plates for dumbbells. 
  • These cast iron dumbbells are manufactured using a casting process.
  • The raw iron material is melted and poured into the mold cavity, and then a solid casting is produced.
  • The cast iron dumbbells can use for almost muscle groups and exercises whatever chest, leg, back, bicep, shoulder, etc. 

Pros of cast iron dumbbells:

  1.  They have a variety of types, designs and weights to meet all your needs.
  2. They are Versatile. You can use cast iron dumbbells in almost all exercises.
  3. provides suitable weight and gives a sense of weight. They are quite durable.
  4. They can last a lifetime and has a high-end appearance and a smooth surface.
  5. They are purchased at a reasonable price.

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Rubber dumbbells

  • The rubber are the metal dumbbells coated with the a synthetic rubber. 
  • Dumbbells with the rubber material have a metallic base but are either encased fully or partially in rubber.
  • This material is waterproof, flexible, and protects your hands and feet while using the dumbbell. 
  • These dumbbells now are popularly used in the gym due to their premium look and facilities-protective ability.

Pros of rubber dumbbells:

  1. They have high-end look
  2. They protect the floor and your hand while doing exercise
  3. They keep safety for heavy weights
  4. They are water-proof
  5. Prevent making noise

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Plastic dumbbells

  • Plastic dumbbells have slowly become a favorite for fitness.The plastic material is only commonly seen in fixed-weight dumbbells. 
  • plastic dumbbells feature a rigid plastic shell filled with concrete or sand inside.
  • The hard plastic shell is often made of durable vinyl. They are cheaper compared to other dumbbell materials. They also don’t rust, and this makes them a great option for home workout. 
  • Plastic dumbbells have a hexagonal shape. This shape ensures that they do not roll when stacking or storing them.
  •  Plastic dumbbell is quite cheap so you can buy a set for warm-up and bicep workout.

Pros of plastic dumbbells:

  1. The plastic dumbbell price is cheaper to buy than other dumbbell materials.
  2. The vinyl coating offers a smooth, colorful, and elegant look to the dumbbell.
  3. They don’t get rust when being exposed to moisture.
  4. They have comfortable gripping while doing exercise.

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Remember, the dumbbell material you choose depends on your budget and fitness level. It also depend on the exercise you want to perform. Make sure you consider these two factors before you take the next step. Also, make sure you have a proper diet to ensure that the dumbbell exercises you perform are effective.  

Investing in high-quality dumbbells made from better materials—and with better grips and weight distribution—can make all the difference in the enjoyment of your purchase.

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