Top 5 Ab Wheel Exercises For Beginners

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Top 5 Ab Wheel Exercises For Beginners

An ab wheel is an essential equipment for a high-pitched workout routine. It is a crucial part of bodybuilding and muscle growth. Not only does it strengthens the core muscles, but it also targets the lower back. There is a correct method of using ab wheel for working out. Thus, what are the ab wheel exercises for beginners ? This article will try to cover the basic forms of usage of ab wheel in your daily workout routine.

What Is An Ab Wheel ?

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An ab wheel is basically a simple tool that is used to improve the performance and capability of abs and back muscles. Moreover, it makes them strong and give them a toned look. If you are someone who wants a six-pack body structure, then this tool is for you. Additionally, an ab wheel targets your glutes and thighs, thus leading to fat loss and muscle gain. It may be bit difficult to workout with this, but it takes a few days to eventually build the habit of using it. When you master its tactics, then there’s nothing better than this.


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The Best Ab Wheel Exercises For Beginners

An ab wheel is a powerful and effective tool for workout and building strong muscles. We have listed a few ab wheel exercises for beginners, so that you may not face any difficulty in using it.


  •  ab wheel exercises for beginners

    A plank is a powerful pose in the list of various exercises. It strengthens your abs, thighs and back muscles simultaneously. How will it be if we combine an ab wheel while doing plank ? This deadly combination has some tremendous effects on your body and muscles. 




    • This pose can actually improve your balancing power.
    • It makes your grip firm and strong.
    • It targets your entire core muscles. 


    How to do it 


    • Firstly, be on your knees with the wheel in your hands.
    • Hold the wheel firmly from both the sides with your both hands.
    • Now, slowly lift your knees off the ground. 
    • You have got into a position where your buttocks are at their highest point. Knees and arms should be perfectly straight.
    • Be in that position for about a minute.
    • Repeat this for about 10-12 times for maximum benefits.

     Difficulty Level: 4/10

  •  ab wheel exercises for beginners

    Doing pikes is one of the amazing ab wheel exercises for beginners. This is a form that is considered to be the best form of movable exercise. And when you combine it with an ab wheel, this is just the perfect form of workout. 




    • It has the ability to make your knees strong and tight.
    • It ensures flexibility of prominent joints of the body like hip joint, knees, etc.
    • Combining pikes with an ab wheel can strengthen your lower abdominal muscles and glutes.
    • This exercise type can provide stability to your body.


    How to do it


    For this, you must ensure that there are foot straps in your ab wheel. If you don’t have it, then purchase one. 


    • Keep your feet on the ab wheel foot straps properly.
    • Now, get yourself into a position of tabletop plank, with your entire body aligned in a straight line.
    • Gradually pull the ab wheel with your feet towards you. 
    • When you do that, you see your hips going upwards.
    • Do this till your hips could no longer go up.
    • Be in that position for a second or two and then return to your original form.
    • Repeat this for 5-10 times for optimal results.  

     Difficulty level: 6/10

  •  ab wheel exercises for beginners

    This falls under one of the difficult forms of ab wheel exercises for beginners. But with consistent practice and daily workout, you can easily attain mastery.




    • It tightens your entire core muscles.


    How to do it


    • Kneel down on a mat.
    • Hold the ab wheel with both hands.
    • Now slowly roll the wheel while straightening your body.
    • You will reach a position when your body lies perfectly in a straight line, in a plank pose. Do not forget to keep your arms straight throughout this session.
    • Be in that position as long as possible.
    • When done, get back to the starting point.
    • Doing this for about 5-6 times is good for muscles.

     Difficulty level: 7/10

  •  ab wheel exercises for beginners

    A bird-dog pose is an ancient yogasana. It is a powerful pose that targets your abdominals and back muscles. Not only that, but it also stretches your arms and shoulders to give them a toned look. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest forms to combine with ab wheel exercises for beginners.




    • Bird-dog pose benefits your core and inner core muscles.
    • It provides an appropriate shape to your arms, thighs, calves and legs.


    How to do it


    • Be on a mat on your knees.
    • Now, lift your left leg such that it aligns with your back in a straight line.
    • At the same time, hold the ab wheel with both hands and roll it outwards.
    • Do it till your lower abdomen is about to touch the ground.
    • Keep in mind that your abdomen should not be in contact with the ground.
    • After that, bring the ab wheel inwards while slowly putting your leg to its original form.
    • Repeat the same with your right leg as well. This completes one circle.
    • Do about 7-8 circles for best results.

     Difficulty level: 8/10

  •  ab wheel exercises for beginners, picture credits:

    The last in the list of ab wheel exercises for beginners is rollouts with kneeling using a single arm. This is an advanced form of the previous one. You have to do the kneeling rollouts, but here is a twist. This time, you have to do it with a single arm. It is a bit-difficult for rollout, but once achieved its secret, you can do it easily and can reap its benefits. There are numerous perks of doing this exercise with one arm. Let's see some of them. 




    • It is a very good exercise type for building lateral strength. This means that it makes your side body strong.
    • It ensures stability of your body and improves it to a great extent.
    • This rollout type helps you with balancing your body weight to equal and stabilizing proportions.
    • It strengthens your spinal cord. 


    How to do it


    In this, you would need an ab wheel with a handle located in its centre (also known as an ab roller).


    • Be on a mat in a kneeling position.
    • Hold the roller with one hand. Ensure that the hand should be straight.
    • Be in a rather bended position with your hips.
    • Now, gradually move the roller away from you while straightening your body.
    • You have to reach a point where your body is perfectly in a straight line, with your extended arm.
    • Now, bring it slowly back to its original form.
    • Doing this for 8-10 times is good for your body.

    Difficulty Level: 8/10

    These are the few ab wheel exercise for beginners. But firstly it's important to learn the right technique and then gradually you will master these exercise. Training with Ab Roller allows you to build Ab muscle. Ab roller exercise for beginners require willpower as it is not easy as it seems to be. visit to buy equipments.

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