How To Choose Right Dumbbell Weight For You ?

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How To Choose Right Dumbbell Weight For You ?

Selecting the right dumbbell weight is an important process that should not be overlooked. Different exercises, skill levels, and  physical abilities will necessitate different dumbbells. Working with very light weights won't challenge your body and if you opt for too heavy ones, you won't be able to complete your repetitions with proper form. The idea is to choose the weight, which challenges your muscles and helps them to grow stronger. How to choose right dumbbell weight for you ?

Well, you have come to the right place, In this blog, we will go over steps that will give you a nice idea on how to choose right dumbbell weight for you.

1) Start Low

  • This is the first step of how to choose right dumbbell weight for you. Always start with low weight and then work your way up, Like 2.5 KG, and then do a few repetitive exercises like biceps curl.
  • If you are feeling really comfortable with that weight try to increase the weight little by little and once you find a weight that is neither too hard to lift nor to easy to lift, that would be the best weight for you to start with.
  • Always listen to your body and choose the weights that are right for you while exercising.
How to choose right dumbbell weight for you

2) Add Weight When Needed

  • Once you have find out the right dumbbell weight for you and you keep on exercising, you should add dumbbells weight for the need of your growing muscles.
  • Once you don’t start feeling a little muscle strain after doing around 12-15 reps, It would be a good idea to increase the dumbbell weight.
  • If you are not feeling the strain after one exercise you should try another exercise as different exercises target different muscles of the group.
How to choose right dumbbell weight for you 


 3) Know When To Decrease The Weight

  • Always try to figure out if you are lifting a heavy dumbbell, Normally this should not bother you since you have started with the lower end of weights

  • When first starting with a heavier weight, If you cannot do more than seven reps of a given exercise with the dumbbell then it is too heavy for you.

  • You should never lift a weight that you think is heavy because it can end up in an injury or a really bad form which does not usually end up very good.

How to choose right dumbbell weight for you

Tips for right weight in your hand: 

  •  Choose the weight that can make you work for those last few  repetitions without compromising your form. 
  •  If you think that you have chosen a heavyweight, it is absolutely  alright to adjust it and pick up a lighter one. 
  • It is not necessary that you will be able to do all exercises with the same weight.  
  •  The kind of weight you are choosing also a plays a major role. Dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells, which type of weight you choose also help you determine how heavy you should go for any exercise.
How to choose right dumbbell weight for you
Remember in strength training, weight lifting is important and so is form. In order to lift more weight, do not compromise with form. This may lead to injury and you may not be able to see any positive  results in the end. 

Where can you find Dumbbell? 

  • A dumbbell should be a part of any complete home gym, and it’s vital  that you find a high-quality set.
  • You can find that high quality at Nfinity Fitness, where home gym builders can find dumbbell sets ranging from  5 to 120 pounds, along with both vertical and horizontal dumbbell  storage racks.  
  • Weightlifting exercises are simple, but they bring great  benefits to the health and body.
  • However, in order for dumbbell exercise to be most effective, it requires you to  have a rigorous exercise regime as well as experience in  choosing the right dumbbell that is most suitable for you.Form should always be your top priority when you're performing any kind of dumbbell exercise.
  • Toward the  end of your sets, you should feel fatigued but not so much that your form breaks down. Regardless of the fitness goals you are trying to reach, incorporating dumbbells into your routine is a must.

How to choose right dumbbell weight for you

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