Can Using Dumbbells Decrease Height ?

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Can Using Dumbbells Decrease Height ?

 As you know, Health and wellness industry is rapidly growing but these industries are full of half-truths and myths such as dumbbells stop height or dumbbells decrease height.

One question that often asked is" can using dumbbells stop height" or "does lifting dumbbells stop height"?

The answer to this question is NO, as per science and fitness experts lifting weight does not lead to decrease height.

Weight training in the morning? Why not

Lifting weight stunt growth : A myth

  • The myth that dumbbells stop height growth has been spread globally among the health and fitness industry.

  • Lifting weights around the time you hit puberty or your teenage years does not stunt your height. Matter of fact, since weight training is directly related to increased production of testosterone it might just help your muscle grow bigger, denser and stronger, even taller.

  • The myth that kids will stop to grow if they lift heavy weights too young is not supported by any research.

  • You should only be concerned if your are lifting weights improperly.

  •  Make sure you are in proper form by wearing the appropriate footwear and the load should be what your body can handle. 

  • Exercises combined with good nutrition improves your growth rate no matter what kind of exercise.

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Science behind growth:

  • During your growing phase, the long bones of your body increases the size of plates located at the head of the bones.

  • Lifting weights during your teenage years can rather improve your height instead of stunting it. .

  • It is recommended that exercise sessions involving children be supervised by an instructor to prevent injury from occurring.

  • Therefore, weight training then could be a boon for the body, both from an appearance standpoint as well as a health perspective.

Working hard pays off

The health benefits of lifting weights exceed far from the potential risks. The strength, confidence, athleticism, and conditioning benefits are out of this world.

No matter where you may be in your fitness journey, dumbbells should be a  part of it.

Not only are they convenient to use and store, dumbbells are  relatively inexpensive, and their versatility makes them useful for a wide variety  of workouts.

Therefore, dumbbells stopping height growth is surely myth and one should keep using them in your workouts no matter what anyone says.


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