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We all have made promises at some point in our life – “Monday se pakka diet start karunga” or “1st of the next month I’m going to join a gym” and just like that Mondays kept passing by and 1st of next months’ becomes new year resolutions.

By doing so, we are the ones who are suffering, stuck at the same old routines, making bad choices for ourselves and living unhealthy lifestyle. NO WAIT! We aren’t going to lecture you but just a few tips and choices that you can follow and make to incorporate healthy habits into your everyday routines.

Still not sounds fun? So, let’s make it a little clear, just start making these 9 choices consciously for a month so as to make it a habit and see the difference for yourself.

We will break these 9 habits into a set of 3. 3 habits you need to follow in the morning, 3 in the noon and 3 at night. This is called a RULE OF 3 that you need to follow for 30 days. Trust me the rules are simple.

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