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While most people picture someone doing bicep exercises with dumbbells, you can actually incorporate dumbbells into a variety of exercises to get a full-body workout.

Men and women have different body composition and distribution of muscle mass. Focus on specific exercises relevant to you after taking proper guidance from a certified trainer. A lot of people start an exercise routine and then they quiet there routine after a few weeks when they don’t see any progress.

The only way to keep making fast progress when you’re aiming to add lean muscle mass is to follow a progressive training plan that keeps challenging your body in new ways each week.

That’s the key to keeping your muscles out of their comfort zone and working as hard as possible so your body has no choice but to keep building back your damaged muscle fibres bigger and stronger. Thus, for this task, we have dumbbells. One can actually use dumbbells for weight gain. And these are plenty of exercises to prove this statement.

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